Scratch card on red background

Who has never used or handled a scratch card? These games of chance first appeared in shops in the 1990s and soon became a sensation throughout the world. But since their launch, scratch cards have changed a lot. From a simple ticket to the birth of many scratch cards from the national lottery, and then to their appearance in a virtual online format, scratch cards have come a long way. Through this article, we wanted to provide you with a very complete file on this game of chance whose success continues to grow. We will see here how this game works, how you can access it, which methods to use to win more, which bonuses will allow you to play at a lower cost…

What exactly are online scratch cards?

Perhaps you are not really familiar with this type of entertainment and need a little refresher on the subject. So let’s start with an overview of what these famous tickets are.

In their paper version

They are simply pieces of cardboard that you buy at a tobacconist’s and now also in some supermarkets. Using your fingernail or a coin, you must then scratch off the boxes that are initially hidden by an opaque varnish. Although the rules differ depending on the game you choose, the basic principle is generally the same: if you get 3 identical symbols, you receive a sum of money. Each symbol earns a different amount, ranging from a few euros to millions!

In their digital version

With the boom of the internet, online scratch cards have appeared and diversified incredibly. From a dozen different games sold in tobacco shops, online variants have appeared by the hundreds. The idea remains the same: you have to get identical symbols to win predefined amounts. Here, there is no question of taking out your coin and scratching the screen…. You move the cursor of your mouse over the boxes and the hidden symbols appear.

Which are the best casinos with scratch cards?

As we said, scratch cards are booming. Casinos, faced with the huge success of scratch cards in the market, have had the brilliant idea of adding this entertainment to their range of games. As a result, dozens and dozens of gambling sites now have a few scratch cards in their game library.

However, there is one phenomenon that we must mention: interfaces have simply decided to specialise in this type of game. Thus, a few years ago, scratch card sites appeared, offering only this kind of product and dedicated to the big fans!

Let’s see how winning at scratch cards will be possible by learning the rules

As we said before, a ticket will give you a payout when you get at least 3 identical symbols after scratching. The first step in understanding how to win at scratch cards is to turn the card over and read the specific rules of the game you have chosen, or click on the “Information” button in the case of online games.

Winners who have bought their ticket in a shop will have to go to a tobacconist’s to get their money (up to C$2,000) or to a lottery shop (between C$2,000 and C$100,000). If you want to win more than this amount, you will have to go to the National Lottery headquarters.

When you play online at a casino or specialist scratch card site, your winnings are simply added to your player balance, regardless of the amount you win.

Accessing a casino scratch card with a bonus is possible

One of the reasons why the casino scratch card is so popular is that customers can benefit from bonuses that can be very generous. And that under many forms of which:

  • Cash in the player’s account to be used on tickets;
  • Double deposits to boost your bankroll;
  • Free cards that give you access to free scratch card games…

Do online scratch cards have a bright future?

The success of the ‘hard’ scratch cards was already incredible. Online scratch cards were and still are one of the most popular forms of entertainment for people all over the world.

Online casinos and sites specialising in scratch cards guarantee fans great, thrilling gaming sessions for a long time to come…