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Jackpot? Banco? Bingo? Which scratch card games offer the best chance of winning? You have probably asked yourself this question when choosing your scratch card, but it is not the right one. In fact, there is no game that offers a better chance of winning than any other! Each game is different, both in terms of price and the range of prizes on offer. It all depends on how much you want to bet and how much you want to win. Do you want to treat yourself to a coffee? Or are you aiming for the biggest jackpot, regardless of the scratch card? Would you like to play in just a few seconds, or would you rather make the fun last with a long scratch game? There’s something for everyone, and one game is bound to be right for you. To find it, here are the strengths of our iconic games.

The C$1 scratch card games

If you want to bet C$1 and play quickly, there are several games that may interest you. Like Numéro Fétiche, with which you have a 1 in 3.53 chance of winning one of the C$1 to C$1,000 prizes, the best winning frequency on games in this price range. It’s also the only one in this range to offer wins at C$15 and C$25, and all by simply betting a C$1 coin!

If you’re looking for a scratch card that’s as easy to play and still C$1, it doesn’t get much better than Banco! Just scratch the areas indicated to find out if you’ve won, simple as that! Plus you can win up to C$50,000, with a 1 in 4.24 chance of winning one of the prizes.

The C$2 scratch card games

If you want to bet a little more, you enter the C$2 games range. By choosing Astro, you have a 1 in 3.14 chance of winning one of the prizes ranging from C$2 to C$25,000, the highest win rate of all the C$2 games.

With Blackjack, you also bet C$2 for a 1 in 4.46 chance of winning. And that’s not all: you can win even bigger prizes, up to C$40,000!

The C$3 scratch card games

If you’re looking for a richer gaming experience, you may want to consider a C$3 game. With Double or Quits, you can win up to C$50,000, and then if you want, go to a second stage on the Internet, where you can try to multiply your prize pool up to C$800,000. With this game, you have a 1 in 3.89 chance of winning one of the prizes.

The C$5 scratch card games

With a C$5 bet, there are a number of games to suit your tastes. The Cash game, for example, offers a 1 in 3.83 chance of winning one of the C$5 to C$500,000 prizes, and in particular a 1 in 133 chance of winning on the C$50 and C$100 rows, rows that have made the reputation of this game, as they are regularly experienced by players.

With Jackpot, you also bet C$5 but the first winning row starts at double the bet, i.e. C$10! So as soon as you land on a winning ticket, you are guaranteed to win more than your stake, so you can be a winner at any level! This game is also your best chance to win C$100 of all games, with a 1 in 75 chance. In order to offer such high frequencies on such attractive payout ranges, the overall frequency of the game is a little lower than its counterparts on the same bet segment with a 1 in 5.45 chance of winning one of the prizes.

Another mood, another option with the Super 10 or 200 games, which for a bet of C$5 offers only 2 different winnings ranks, C$10 or C$200. Less diversity in the winnings offered but the best chance to win these amounts among all the other games of the range! You have a 1 in 5.90 chance of winning C$10 and a 1 in 107.8 chance of winning C$200.

The C$10 scratch card games

Are scratch-off games in a matter of seconds not for you? Are you looking for a longer game experience, with suspense to keep you dreaming for as long as possible? Well, thanks to their richest game mechanics among the other games, the C$10 games should please you.

With the famous Bingo, based on a board game of the same name, you can play different games and even a bonus. Just like traditional bingo, you have to scratch the 20 balls to find your numbers and try to make the horizontal lines on your cards. As a bonus, you can win an extra C$20 if your numbers match the 4 yellow numbers on the same card. Want even more? There’s game number 2, where you have to scratch a new area to find out if you are a winner. So you can keep the surprise of a win going right to the end! The minimum win (C$20) directly doubles your stake and you can win up to C$1 million, with a 1 in 3.99 chance of winning one of the prizes.

If you’re tempted by an even longer scratch-off game and still C$10, there is of course Mega Crossword. After scratching your 18 letters, you have to put the words together on your 3 max size grids, ideal if you like puzzle games and want to try to win prizes from C$10 to C$600,000, with a 1 in 2.94 chance of winning one of them. And once you’ve finished, you can move on to Game 2 and then the Bonus Game, so you’ll have another chance to win and still have a great time!

So whatever your desires and preferences, there’s a scratch card for you!