How do I increase my chances of winning scratch cards?

Casino To The Trees experts selected 5 sites, which in their opinion are the best.

Benefits of Scratch Cards 1

Benefits of Scratch Cards 1

The gameplay is much quicker online with scratch cards.

Benefits of Scratch Cards 2

Benefits of Scratch Cards 2

There is no mess of scratching off the acrylic layer.

Benefits of Scratch Cards 3

Benefits of Scratch Cards 3

Mobile scratch cards are available to play scratch games on the go.

While there is definitely no foolproof solution for winning every time or becoming a millionaire with scratch card games, you can still increase your chances of winning or accumulating more money with these tips, which are sometimes just common sense.

Are there some formulas that are more generous than others? Are there periods that are more conducive to a big win? Can you use the rules of probability to your advantage? Casino To The Trees experts will tell you everything in this article.

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What are the chances of winning when you scratch a ticket?

Not all concepts offer the same chance of winning, because each one has its own way of working, the jackpots differ – as do the purchase prices. Between a C$2 Astro and a C$10 Millionaire, for example, the claims of winning are not at all the same.

Mathematicians have looked into the probability of playing scratch cards. They have shown that, statistically, each “Black Jack” purchased results in a loss of C$0.68 on average. This does not mean that you lose every time, since the ticket costs more than C$0.68. But it does show that these tickets are often not winners (this figure does not only apply to Blackjack: the expectation for Banco and Astro, according to the same study, is C$0.37).

And if you play often without a precise strategy, you will inevitably win money at certain times… But the total amount spent will most certainly be greater than the sum of your wins. So why do we continue to play, despite this context which, according to mathematicians, does not benefit us? Because there are still chances to win the jackpot, and even some tricks to make it easier…

Tickets with the best odds

Type of TicketTop PrizeOdds of Winning a Prize
C$1C$10,0001 in 700,000
C$1C$25,0001 in 1,400,000
C$2C$25,0001 in 825,000
C$4C$50,0001 in 600,000
C$5C$100,0001 in 666,667
C$5 CrosswordsC$100,0001 in 1,700,000
C$5 10X The CashC$100,0001 in 1,1750,000
C$5 Live the LifeC$1,000 a week for 5 years1 in 750,000
C$6C$300,0001 in 600,000
C$10C$500,0001 in 500,000
C$10 25X The CashC$250,0001 in 600,000
C$10 Live the LifeC$2,500 a week for 5 years1 in 525,000
C$15C$1,000,0001 in 1,500,000
C$20C$200,0001 in 300,000

Betting on games with a higher probability

As you have read above, the chances of winning by scratching a ticket are not the same from one formula to another. This is an important fact to know before you go out and buy something.

Two essential criteria will help you make your decisions, based on information that you can easily find on the internet: the ratio between the number of winning tickets and the number of total tickets, and the probability of winning according to the amount of money you want to win (for example, you may have a 15% chance of winning C$2.50, a 7% chance of getting C$7.50, etc.).

Scratch online to win more and more often

The physical ticket market is subject to more constraints than the online scratch card: making a paper object is costly; redistributing it in shops involves taxes, etc. Logically, you have a better chance of winning if you scratch on the web.

This doesn’t just apply to scratch cards. The same situation is basically inherent in the whole gambling market. There are more constraints in physical casinos and lotteries today than in the online versions of these establishments, as well as the use of fiat money. Online casinos are increasingly using cryptocurrency for their games. This type of entertainment removes some restrictions on betting and payouts and eliminates unnecessary commissions. Cryptocurrency games are offered just at the best online casinos, and you can familiarize yourself with them by studying that LTC Casino review. The same goes for scratch cards. Today you can find crypto scratch cards without any problems. So bet as much as possible on the dematerialised alternatives.

Generally, you pay less to claim higher prizes: it is really in your interest to abandon the classic versions and forget about their certain “charm” in favour of profitability.

Virtual scratch card

Playing during off-peak periods

According to Casino To The Trees, on the internet, you are more likely to win if you play at a time when few other users are online. Choose meal times, late-night hours, and avoid at all costs popular time slots like evenings after 5 pm and weekends.

Maximise your entries with bonuses and other promotions

On online scratch card sites, you have access to various privileges that will help you increase your prize pool without spending any money, play more often without it costing you more, or simply make some savings on a ticket.

So, be sure to read the sign-up bonus terms and conditions to take full advantage of it: sometimes it’s three times your first deposit, which can be a good start.

Afterward, keep up to date with one-off events that also multiply the winnings or increase the odds.

Test the games for free before betting money

On some online scratch card sites, there are free test versions. Of course, they do not allow you to win “real” money, but they are still very useful to help you understand the principle of each game, the possible bonuses, and the different ways to proceed to improve your chances of winning money.

Here, you make sure that you buy tickets that you know how to exploit methodically, that you understand perfectly how to operate.

Of course, it is the luck factor that will determine your fate… The risk of losing your bet is real. So keep in mind that, although some games offer the opportunity to become rich, you should always play in moderation, within your financial means.

Canadian Online Scratch Cards with Best Wins

Scratch CardRTPJackpot
Scratch! Platinum76,67%C$ 500,000
Shave the Sheep53,77%C$ 150,000
Cash Vault 265,2%C$ 60,000
Shave the Beard75,32%C$ 50,000
Diamond Rush59,21%C$ 30,000